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1.Shifting Preferences

CW identifies productivity and safety features attracting users of tippers and dump trucks, and the technologies being deployed to track the performance of these mobile assets.

2.Is telematics essential?

How can heavy commercial vehicle users expect to benefit from telematics?

3.Shifting preferences for tippers and dump trucks

Why are mining companies opting for newer tipper and dump truck configurations?

4.Why our cities are sinking!

At some places, we are dangerously close to breaking point; at others, we are skirting disaster.

5.Better Centre-state coordination and adequate and timely funding will be required for smart cities

The smart city mission along with other new-age initiatives like Digital India is expected to remain top priority in the Government’s development-led agenda.

6.Better Centre-state coordination and adequate and timely funding will be required

L&T’s Smart World Communications (SWC) business unit has been the frontrunner in the implementation of smart solutions across various cities in India as part of the Centre’s ambitious smart city mission, with an enviable track record of 12 completed or on-stream projects.

7.Are buildings designed for seismic performance?

Observed performance of RC buildings is highly unsatisfactory

8.India’s buildings require a strong foundation

A strong foundation can take adequate loads in most eventualities

9.Liebherr-France SAS invests €5 mn in assembly line

Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar has put a new assembly line into operation at €5 mn.

10.IIT Kharagpur-designed crab-looking structures proved to be storm-ready

One of the first steps taken then was to construct hundreds of cyclone shelters up and down the coast. These shelters, designed by IIT Kharagpur, are built up to a few miles from the seashore. And evidently, they have proved to be storm-worthy. The structures resemble a crab, have two-storeys and are cement-block rectangular building on stilts. Each shelter can hold several hundred people.