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1.NHAI set to make FY 2021 the best year of highway construction

Pratap Padode, Founder & President, FIRST Construction Council lauded the authorities on the decision to defer the implementation of the emission norms for construction equipment to 1st April 2021. He further urged the authorities to advocate a land pooling method by stating, "As part of the National Infrastructure Pipeline, the roads sector would elicit an expenditure of Rs. 3.24 trillion in FY 2020 alone apart from its total allocation of nearly Rs. 19 trillion over five years until 2025. With land costs constituting 40 per cent of the cost of roads from only 10-15 per cent barely seven years ago, the failing of the Land Acquisition Act is hurting the stability of this model. I have been constantly recommending abandoning the purchase of land for road construction and deploying innovative land pooling instead, which will save the country over Rs. 2 trillion."

2.PLI Scheme draws ₹ 11.5 trillion FDI

India’s PLI scheme has attracted Rs 11.5 trillion FDI for manufacturing in India.

3.Build, buy, or partner?

There has been a significant shift in the builder strategies to stay relevant.

4.Rethink Clash Detection – Standardise and Automate

Next generation softwares not only identify clashes but help in addressing the constructibility issues, writes Nidhi S.

5.Jobsite tech advances here to stay in the wake of COVID-19

The use of technology in construction will continue to rapidly accelerate.

6.Three ways fleet telematics are optimising construction in the new normal

Here’s how technology is stepping in to help fleet managers succeed no matter what 2020 throws their way.

7.Centre to invest in 7 new bullet train corridors

The Centre is planning to invest Rs 10 trillion in seven new bullet train projects.

8.What is Atal Tunnel?

At 9.02 km length, the tunnel will be one of the longest road tunnels in India.

9.Safety technology positively impacts efficiency

Implementing technology improves safety as well as efficiency.

10.GPS tracking of construction vehicle fleets is increasing profitability

A contractor’s brand and reputation depend on the cultural aspects of the company.

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