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1.Airports Design And Build

Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the ´fasten seatbelt´ sign. If you haven´t done so, please take your seat and fasten your seatbelt. At this time, we request that all mobile phones and electronic devices be turned off as they might interfere with the navigational and communication equipment.

2.Centres of opportunity

The large-scale movement towards digital information has fuelled the growth of data centres in India, which in turn has opened new opportunities for the construction industry. Data centres can be over 40 times as energy-intensive as conventional office buildings

3.DSL to co-develop SEZ

Dahej SEZ Ltd (DSL) has decided to co-develop its multi-product special economic zone (SEZ) project at Dahej by utilising the core competencies of companies having units inside the SEZ, for power, petroleum products, communication services and hospitality.

4.Ready, Steady and Go!

Mumbai Monorail, a Rs 2,460-crore initiative by the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA), is on a fast track.

5.Sm@rt Cities

As a prelude to the 2nd Sm@rt Cities Summit 2015, which will be held in Delhi and Mumbai, respectively, in February 2015, FIRST Sm@rt Cities Council - promoted by ASAPP Media - recently organised a round table in Mumbai. This follows the 1st Sm@rt Cities Summit held in Mumbai on August 22-23, 2014.

6.Winners - VNR Infra

VNR Infra is the flagship company of VNR Group, and specialises and focuses on infrastructure contracting activities like rail signaling and telecommunications works, greenfield and brownfield rail tracks, irrigation and aviation projects.

7.EPC - Excellence, Performance, Commitment!

Charu Bahri explores the challenges associated with EPC contracts and what it takes for contractors to put their best foot forward.

8.What's the point in having 20 contractors chasing two projects when the country needs 50 projects?

Leighton International - Australia's largest, and the world's 25th largest, construction company - shares a long association with India; Leighton Contractors (India) Pvt Ltd has been in the field since 1998.

9.Branding Exercise

In an increasingly competitive construction industry, Alisha Patel explores how the industry players are finding more and more value in branding their products.

10.Employee Engagement

Gurjeet Singh Johar, Chairman, C&C Constructions Ltd, shares his company's HR policies.