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1.Retrofitting existing buildings for safety

No property is inherently protected against the elements of nature

2.Are buildings designed for seismic performance?

Observed performance of RC buildings is highly unsatisfactory

3.Steel gaining prominence in the Indian construction industry

While composite steel construction is preferred in industrial and commercial construction, steel is also gaining popularity in residential markets. Let’s delve into the many benefits of steel, which has led to its popularity in the construction industry

4.How focussed are your safety measures in high-rise buildings?

With several property developers in our metros developing skyscrapers of 150-250 m and more, an increasingly pressing question being asked by property buyers is whether they safe. This is an obvious and natural concern, given the increasing incidence of fires, earthquakes and building collapses fairly regularly. Let us take a closer look at this.

5.Why safety and security is so crucial for high-rises

Jairam Panch, Managing Director, Turner Project Management India, shares some key safety issues that arise on high-rise construction projects in addition to the usual issues: “Fire considerations – evacuation procedures, protected staircases and temporary alarm systems; wind issues – hugely increased wind speeds on taller structures effecting workers, stored materials, and temporary structures including lightweight scaffolds; open shafts – lifts

6.Fresh design scrutiny delays Kanaka Durga flyover project

The delay in completion of the much-awaited Kanaka Durga flyover is because the project design was put under fresh and a detailed scrutiny. The six-lane flyover, being built at Rs 447 crore, initially designed by AECOM, was sent to a proof-reading consultant, which, in turn, sent it to a safety consultant, who studied key aspects like vehicular and structural safety besides ensuring that it resist natural calamities like earthquakes.