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1.Tower Power

Elections are over. The new Government has assumed office. But construction equipment markets are yet to pick up.

2.The conversion of streetlights into LED is a major project in the next fiscal

In June 2014, Pradeep Agarwal took over as municipal commissioner of Ludhiana, Punjab´s largest city corporation. It was his first assignment with a local government. Following the Lok Sabha elections, Agarwal´s first priority was to restart all the work that was on hold.

3.Trigger happy?

It is crystal clear, right at the beginning of 2012, that inflation regulation has choked growth; policy paralysis has caused government expenditure to dwindle; the government is way behind all targets of growth; forex volatility, a blot from the blue,

4.Road developers see polls to slow NHAI targets

Coming elections in the country are going to cause delay in road works. Road developers are set to see challenging business environment as the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), which missed project award targets in the last year by a huge margin, may not meet them.

5.Proposal to null toll collection

The Government has proposed to eradicate toll collection on roads, which were built at an investment below Rs 10 crore. The policy is expected to be announced before the code of conduct is implemented before the Lok Sabha elections. The government is considering an audit of disputed toll roads and booths that will be demolished on such roads where the toll collection was completed.

6.NMC starts Kumbh work

The Nashik Municipal Corporation has taken up work worth Rs 529.55 crore related to the religious gala. Various other Kumbh-related works worth Rs 151.37 crore that are in the tendering process are expected to be completed after the Lok Sabha elections are over. Of the civic body´s Rs 1,052.61 crore Kumbh plan, works worth Rs 680.92 crore are already in progress.

7.Property And Polls – What Is The Connection?

While all eyes are on the general elections, the real estate sector is holding its breath for the potential optimism that is expected once the results are out. This optimism is expected to boost transactions and lift homebuyer sentiment. There is no doubt that the actions and inactions ascribable to the current government have made homebuyers and developers anxious. The next government’s economic and employment policies will be key drivers to growth in the real estate sector for the next five y

8.Property prices to rise in Uttarakhand

The real estate sector in Uttarakhand will witness an increase in price post the general elections. This has been a trend as the money and expenses spent on the elections find their way into the real estate market as investments.

9.More infra-projects for Maharashtra

Considering the upcoming Maharashtra elections, several highway and power projects in the state will be announced soon by the Government.

10.Govt plans city specific projects

With an eye on the approaching civic elections, the state government is ready to set infrastructure projects worth over Rs 1 lakh crore rolling.