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1.Buildings: Criteria for material selection and testing parameters

Chemicals can help cover up the possible shortcomings in concrete mixing

2.Prefabrication all set to redefine the future of real estate in India 

The concept of prefabrication is gaining prominence in real estate industry. The entry of prefabricated homes in India has paved the way to innovative and technologically-advanced construction and design methods.

3.Our current development plan is for 20 acre

Textile major Raymond has announced its entry into the real-estate sector with Raymond Realty...

4.Ensuring good quality steel in infrastructure

FIRST Construction Council, Ministry of Steel organises roundtable

5.Here’s why 70 per cent in a tall building is spent on high quality materials

While high-rise buildings are gaining prominence in India, challenges in execution remain, especially with breaking the old rules of construction and limitations in introducing the latest technologies. For this, adopting the right materials in high-rise construction is of utmost importance

6.Centre to change green norms for highrises

The Union Environment Ministry would soon be issuing new guidelines allowing high-rise buildings, even on smaller roads, provided they have the infrastructure to meet any calamity. The Ministry in 2012 had issued guidelines to allow high-rise buildings, more than 15 meters, across India. It had linked height of the building with the width of approach road and its distance from the nearest fire station.

7.Multistoried buildings changing Bangalore's skyline

With the emergence of high-rises in Bangalore, the city's skyline is changing drastically. The IT capital of the country never had impressive skyline like Mumbai, Singapore or New York. But, with the time passing by, the real estate sector of the city has witnessed many changes and now developers are going vertical.

8.India, as a society, is highly sustainable with a small ecological footprint

Following a series of critically acclaimed private houses in Singapore and large-scale projects in Southeast Asia, China and Australia, it is now Mumbai's turn to experience the magic of WOHA, one of the world's foremost 'green' architects for high-rise buildings.

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