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1.Govt introduces norms for high-rise buildings

In order to improve the fire safety of high-rise buildings in India, the Union Environment Ministry has issued guidelines co-relating the height of the building to the width of the road.

2.The Sky’s the Limit

Rising to a height of 634 m, Tokyo Sky Tree Tower will serve to create a new age affluent community where people meet and communicate.

3.India, as a society, is highly sustainable with a small ecological footprint

Following a series of critically acclaimed private houses in Singapore and large-scale projects in Southeast Asia, China and Australia, it is now Mumbai's turn to experience the magic of WOHA, one of the world's foremost 'green' architects for high-rise buildings.

4.GMADA to launch project in Mohali.

To meet the heavy demand for housing in the region, Greater Mohali Area Develop-ment Authority (GMADA) will launch its new scheme of 15 storey flats in sectors 88 and 89 in Mohali.

5.To your health!

With India running short of hospital beds, developers are pulling out all the stops to bridge the gap. But constructing a first-class hospital comes with its own unique set of challenges,

6.Rising High

Jaypee launches suspended platform hoists with anti-tilting safety lock models for rope breakage, advanced electrical control systems and high quality steel wire rope.

7.Real steel

Interarch offers Structural Steel systems, which strengthen multi-storey steel buildings. The first steel frame skyscraper was the Home Insurance building in Chicago, Illinois in 1885. Even the Empire State building in New York,

8.Concrete solution

Extensively used in the construction of buildings and bridges internationally, reactive silica powder concrete, as a construction material, holds immense promise for a large development market like India

9.Centre to change green norms for highrises

The Union Environment Ministry would soon be issuing new guidelines allowing high-rise buildings, even on smaller roads, provided they have the infrastructure to meet any calamity. The Ministry in 2012 had issued guidelines to allow high-rise buildings, more than 15 meters, across India. It had linked height of the building with the width of approach road and its distance from the nearest fire station.

10.Here’s why 70 per cent in a tall building is spent on high quality materials

While high-rise buildings are gaining prominence in India, challenges in execution remain, especially with breaking the old rules of construction and limitations in introducing the latest technologies. For this, adopting the right materials in high-rise construction is of utmost importance