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1.Moment of Truth!

Author is discussing about how organisations are using 360° feedback to groom their managers and create an open working culture. According to him Constructive feedback is the key to development. 360° is a feedback mechanism where superiors, peers, subordinates and internal customers observe the behaviour of a manager and give their feedback. Expectedly, most managers aren’t comfortable being rated by their subordinates. A wellrounded objective feedback improves communication, dissolves conflicts, builds teams, and creates an open working culture. Customer feedback leads to improvement in the responsiveness, speed, quality and reliability of internal customer service in the organisation. Some other prominent organisations that use it as a developmental tool include Wipro, lTC, Motorola, Smith Kline Beecham, Nokia, Shell (India), Philips, HCL and Star TV.

2. Exhibitions , Conferences and Seminars (June 2011)

The third edition of MBSS in 2011 will integrate steel and allied metals not only in the infrastructure/industrial projects but also in the high rise buildings segment.The 4th National India Roads Conference will evaluate all the elements in road safety that need to be considered from an infrastructure perspective particularly the technology of road surfaces striking a balance between cost and safety

3.IL&FS PE invests $40 mn in real estate sector

IL&FS Investment Managers Private Equity (IL&FS PE) has invested Rs 214 crore ($40 million) across companies in the real estate

4.Cement, capital goods attract fund managers

The cement, construction and capital goods (CCC) sectors have started attracting fund managers. Following this, cement and construction witnessed fund managers scaling up their investments by 30 basis points over the last two months.

5.360° feedback

A multi-flexible tool, 360° Feedback (360DF) can be designed to improve and even change variables like professionalism, leadership, interpersonal skills, communication skills and analytical ability. Let's see how it works.

6.Walking the talk

Can anyone become a good leader? What is the role of a leader without a team? Do we require leadership skills in our managers? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when we talk about leadership

7.Terms of engagement

The economic recession has taken its toll by way of salary freezes and benefit cuts making it more difficult for the construction and infrastructure industry to survive.

8.Wireless security

Silvan Innovation Labs has launched SECURE, a new age wireless security system, which connects users to Silvan´s Integrated Property Service Manager (IPSM)

9.Essel Finance to invest Rs.600 cr in residential projects

Essel Finance Advisors and Managers Llp, the private equity (PE) arm of Essel Group, is planning to extend Rs 600 crore debt finance to property developers as part of its real estate focus.

10.Lean Construction Methods

DR YAMINI VARMA and DR SUBHASH RASTOGI write on the managerial perspective of lean waste assessment in the Indian construction scenario and share a blueprint for elimination of wastes through lean digital methods.