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1.Roofing Glories

A roof can be as basic as a means to keep the rain, heat or cold out. Further, it performs the functions of rainwater collection, day lighting, solar energy collection and supports insulation.

2.Taking off!

With India’s civil aviation sector growing at a fast clip, there is tremendous potential in building airport infrastructure.

3.Redefining Excellence

Creative Engineers" for architects and designers, McCoy Architectural Systems Pvt Ltd has executed over 1,000 structures to cover an area of more than 5 million sq ft.

4.Enhancing Concrete Life-span

Water tightness: A key parameter in extending durability of concrete structures.

5.Jotun launches 'Jotafloor PU Universal'

Jotun Paints is consolidating its leadership in the GCC region’s floor coating segment with the regional launch of Jotafloor PU Universal.

6.Chemical Challenge

The Indian construction chemicals industry must circumvent certain roadblocks before it can cash in on the opportunities lying in wait.

7.Living by Design

"The present day life of a structural design engineer has become relatively easy with the advent of computers and advanced software. Challenges in designing complicated and irregular structures can be boldly considered," says SB Malekar.

8.Coating Technology

Elastomeric coating is a flexible, protective coating that is based on styrene-acrylic copolymer and applicable for exterior or interior use. Applied as a liquid, it cures to form a durable, protective, waterproof membrane.

9.Chemicals for all Seasons

Construction chemicals that are in demand across the world are now being used increasingly in India, discovers Charu Bahri. It’s inarguable that the widening range of available construction chemicals

10.Improving Structural Life

Dr Fixit’s Pidiproof LW+ provides multiple benefits such as improved dispersion mechanism, increase in compressive strength and micro structure refinement.

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