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1.Inaugurates its first fully-integrated off-site manufacturing plant in Hyderabad

Katerra, a leading design and technology driven global construction company, broke ground on its first fully integrated off-site manufacturing plant at Hyderabad recently. Projected to get completed by March 2020, the factory will deliver 8 million sq ft of building components every year through robotic assembly line production.

2.Bundling Modular Furniture with Real Estate

CW discovers that leading property developers are opting for modular furniture to fulfil customer needs as well as their own targets.

3.Prefabricated and modular construction is a rising trend

The furnishing industry hasn’t had a lot of evolutions except for changes in styles, which is a given. However, one trailblasing method that has taken this industry by storm is the use of prefabricated and modular construction. For those incognizant of this phenomenon, prefabricated construction is the production of components in factories that are then transported to the final location and are only assembled on site.

4.Key trends in modular furniture design

What’s hot in modular kitchens, modular living and modular offices?

5.Why would a designer opt for modular furniture?

CW finds that experience centres are helping designers and end-users pick appropriate modular furniture.

6.Who are the residential real estate developers that are bulk buying modular furniture?

What sort of modular furniture are developers of premium as well as affordable housing buying?

7.What are the advantages of modular furniture to different types of real estate?

Why are developers of premium as well as affordable housing, offices, hotels and educational buildings going the modular furniture way?

8.Trends in modular furniture design

Godrej Interio provides modular kitchens to leading developers such as Godrej Properties, Lodha, Omkar etc.

9.Experience centres to pick appropriate modular furniture

With modular furniture, we have a wide variety of furniture (in shape, size and colour) to choose from with pre-set standards of quality, finish and durability, explains Bijayini Dash, Studio Head, Designqube Bangalore.

10.Formwork that accommodates bridge designs

Formwork can improve the stability of freestanding load-bearing towers.