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1.Every project could have a mandatory quality assurance plan

Sad, but true – India seems to be creating a record when it comes to structural collapses.

2.Prefabricated and modular construction is a rising trend

The furnishing industry hasn’t had a lot of evolutions except for changes in styles, which is a given. However, one trailblasing method that has taken this industry by storm is the use of prefabricated and modular construction. For those incognizant of this phenomenon, prefabricated construction is the production of components in factories that are then transported to the final location and are only assembled on site.

3.GRFG panels for the mass housing segment

IIT-Madras analyses thermal performance of GFRG demo building

4.Probable solutions to ensure safe and healthy structures

CW conducted a brief dipstick survey among select realty industry experts

5.Prefabrication all set to redefine the future of real estate in India 

The concept of prefabrication is gaining prominence in real estate industry. The entry of prefabricated homes in India has paved the way to innovative and technologically-advanced construction and design methods.

6.Tenders should mandate 30-40% use of precast, prefab structural components

With the aim to construct 1.2 crore homes to ensure Housing for All by 2022

7.Technologies for faster construction of affordable homes

Here are already available technologies as well as those being developed

8.Wanted: Skilled Workers!

Skill development in construction is not a CSR, it is a pressing need

9.NBCC’s first ever steel building structure

Builds National Museum of Indian Cinema using composite construction

10.Green Tree Homes & Ventures takes up prefab construction

Green Tree Homes & Ventures, a Chennai-based real estate developer, is getting into manufacture of prefabricated structures for residential projects. Green Tree Homes has floated a separate company, Town & Tower Systems to offer the complete range of products and services including designing precast friendly residential structures, said Pon Ravichandran, Directore, Green Tree.

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