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1.Revolutionising Ports Conference

Captains, leaders and stakeholders of the ports fraternity came together to discuss the Ports Community System and National Logistics Portal along with opportunities and digital transformation of ports.

2.Humanising Industry 2.0

Sebi Joseph highlights how digitisation is rewriting industry and service narratives.

3.The ports fraternity came together to discuss PCS and National Logistics Portal

The FIRST Construction Council recently organised the ‘Revolutionising Ports Conference’ in Mumbai

4.Technology has enabled India to grow multi-folds

In next 15 years, India can be a multi-trillion dollars economy

5.Security Assurance

Godrej Locks has launched its new locking solution – Advantis – a technologically advanced digital locks range that brings home safety at one’s fingertips.

6.India, France join hands to achieve 1 TW energy target

India and France have join hands to spearhead a global solar revolution with the aim of generating 1 TW of energy by 2030, an ambitious goal that requires $1 tn.

7.The Tipping Point of the Workspace Revolution

Flexible working is expanding. Across the world, the workspace sector has been rapidly evolving and is now reaching a tipping point, with a report last year stating that 30 per cent of corporate real estate is likely to comprise of flexible workspace by 2030.

8.The Workspace Revolution is here – it’s time to adapt

Innovation has transformed the way we think about entire industries. Disruptors like Uber, Lyft and Netflix have changed the way we look at transport and entertainment respectively. Similarly, the workspace revolution has changed business landscape as a whole.

9.LED Expo 2018 to help improve sustainable energy access for rural India

Cool yet affordable innovation in the LED Revolution all set to be unveiled at the 18th edition of LED Expo 2018 in Mumbai from May 10-12 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre.

10.Maini Buggy - Leader in in-campus electric mobility solutions

Maini Materials Movement (a Maini Group Company) is a premium brand in material-movement and in-campus electric mobility solutions. Maini Group entered its fourth decade of delivering solutions in 2013. From its modest beginning of manufacturing precision components and assemblies for the automotive, hydraulic, material handling and engineering industry

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