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1.Ceiling Shower with Chromo Therapy

Grafdoer’s new Ceiling Shower with Chromo Therapy (SO 454503) solves our problem by showering water in three different ways: Mist, Rain, and Waterfall


The management of water in future will determine the ability to achieve high economic growth; and ensure food for our burgeoning population, water for hygiene and improvement in quality of lives and environmental stability.

3.India’s Fastest Growing Construction Companies Unveiled

The India Construction Festival, organised by FIRST Construction Council on October 15 and 16, 2019, comprised four sub-events: The India Roads Conference; CONSTRUCTION WORLD Global Awards; CONSTRUCTION WORLD Leadership Summit; and the EQUIPMENT INDIA Awards. For more details on the conference sessi..

4.Recommendations for the tiles, ceramics, sanitaryware industry

Ceramic tiles, once considered a luxury, are now a basic construction element

5.The price band for tiles, ceramics, sanitaryware

The past few years have been challenging for the tile industry

6.Sustainability in focus for tiles, ceramics, sanitaryware

The industry is focusing on environment-friendly products

7.What’s new in tiles, ceramics, sanitaryware?

Large tiles in large formats are trending in India

8.Growing ceramic tiles and sanitaryware industry

Government schemes expected to generate growth

9.Asian Granito India forays into sanitaryware

The commercial launch of AGL Sanitaryware is expected by June 2019 across India

10.Most players opt for out-source model due to an increase pressure in cost

Among the largest ceramics’ brands in the world, RAK Ceramics specialises in ceramic and gres porcelain wall and floor tiles and sanitaryware.