BRO DG inspects cons of 'world's largest 3D concrete campus

During an inspection of the ongoing construction work at the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), Lt General Rajeev Chaudhry, the Director General of Border Roads (BR), lauded the groundbreaking progress in the field of building construction. The site under scrutiny was the air dispatch unit in Chandigarh, which is being touted as the world's largest 3D concrete printed campus.

Lt Gen Chaudhry highlighted the collaborative effort between the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) and construction company L&T, which has resulted in the creation of the Himank Air Dispatch Unit. This cutting-edge facility incorporates state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, positioning it as a world-class construction project.

Expressing pride in India's pioneering adoption of this innovative technology, the Director General emphasized his delight in witnessing this remarkable development. Chaudhry further pointed out that a similar building complex, if constructed through conventional methods, would typically require a timeframe of no less than 18 months to two years to complete.

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