Concrete Preferences

The use of concrete in construction has come a long way and, with it, the choice of equipment. 
“Switching from the use of volumetric batching concrete to weigh batching concrete, from M15 grade concrete to M25 and then to M60 and finally today to the M80 grade of concrete, and also from site-mix concrete to ready-mix concrete (RMC) to self-compacting concrete, has impacted the choice of construction equipment,” observes Suneet Gupta, Concrete Technologist. 
For instance, he points out: “Concrete used to be transported manually; now it is transported mechanically. Compaction used to be hand-driven; now, it is vibrator-driven. Hand tools used to help finish a job but now finishing is done mechanically. And where self-compacting concrete is used, the role of labour has all but been eliminated with enhancement to the quality of the outcome and speed of work. Taller buildings are necessitating boom pumps and, in turn, these are reducing the role of labour.”

Impact of higher grades

Recent revisions to the construction regulatory code, that emphasises durability and quality, and improved access to micro-silica and the newest superplasticisers have popularised M60 and higher grades of concrete [in India], says Mohit Jajoo, CEO, Shubhashish Homes. “To meet these requirements, the demand for machinery producing precise, consistent mixes has increased. In response, producers of concrete equipment have created cutting-edge batching and mixing systems that guarantee the highest level of quality assurance.”

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