DMEO invites bids for National Solar Mission consultancy

The Development Monitoring and Evaluation (DMEO) invites bids from various consultants for the evaluation of programs under the MNRE National Solar Mission. Bids will be accepted till February 21, 2022.

Development Monitoring and Evaluation (DMEO) is Niti Aayog’s attached office for the fulfillment of mandates of monitoring and evaluation work assigned to Niti Ayog. The study period of the National Solar Mission is between the financial year 2014-15 to the financial year 2020- 21. The objective of the study is the assessment of programs' relevancy to the National Development Plan as well as sustainability goals.

The Consultants have to utilise quantitative as well as qualitative tools for evaluation of the program, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and impact. The winning bidder will need to submit a performance security deposit of 3% of the agreement value. The minimum annual turnover of the bidder should be Rs 10 million in the last three financial years, each.

For further evaluation, applicants with larger revenues from professional fees will be given more weightage. In case of any delay in completion, the liquidated damages will be imposed from a minimum of 1% of the agreement value per week to a maximum of 10% of the agreement value. The amount will be recovered by the performance security deposit's appropriation.

Only a local entity can be an applicant as per applicable laws for participating in the bidding process. Individual members have not been permitted to participate in the tender application process. For applying the applicant or its associate must have undertaken three eligible assignments in the past 6 years undertaken. No applicant should submit their application more than once.

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