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Anubhav Kathuria, Director, Synergy Steels spoke to Construction World about the company’s 23-year journey, green concerns and expansion goals.

The website tagline says, ‘This plant can be considered among the top stainless wonders’. What makes it so special?
The statement captures the essence of what Synergy is and what it aims to become. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we have a state-of-the-art industrial set-up with customised plants equipped with the latest technology-driven machinery. We have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of top-quality stainless steel flats, billets and wire rods.

In terms of capacity and financial stability, our achievements reflect the efficiency of our infrastructure and talent. With a capacity to produce 250,000 tonnes of stainless steel, a turnover of over $315 million and a continuous expansion into value-added products, we have emerged as a key player in the long products market. Within two decades, our company has emerged as a ‘Total Steel Venture’ with a vast clientele across the globe.

The company’s Vision statement says, “We constantly strive to be brave to try new things… and in our attitude towards environment”. Please comment on the company’s plans for Green Steel.
We are a company with a green heart. Our dedication to creating a positive environmental impact has driven us to make significant strides in this direction – we are actively progressing towards our target of sourcing nearly half our energy needs from renewable sources.

Over the years, we have shifted our focus to solar power to meet our energy needs. We have established alliances with solar companies to fulfil a substantial portion of our energy requirements. Additionally, we use green hydrogen generated by renewables that is used with direct reduced iron in our steel-making process. Year on year, we continue to improve our ESG performance.

Two years' worth of global carbon emissions could be cut down by 2050 if iron and steel plants worldwide upgraded earlier than scheduled repair. Your views?
By focusing on upgrades and repairs in iron and steel plants, we will not only be able to address a significant source of global emissions but this move is also likely to pave the way for a more sustainable future. It is imperative that stakeholders, including governments, industries, and environmental organisations come together, making a collective effort to achieve a substantial reduction in global carbon emissions, aligning with the global and national targets. Concerted efforts can lead us towards a more sustainable path, securing a better tomorrow for generations to come.

The Mission statement says, “We aim to be one of the global leaders.” What are your future plans in terms of expansion and exports?
We are in the process of setting up an additional greenfield project to increase our production capacity to 300,000 tonnes. About 30 per cent of our production is directed towards the export market. Our primary export destinations include markets such as the European Union, Asia, Turkey, and Latin America. These regions hold promise and align with our vision of expanding our global footprint. Our aim is to further build our global presence by increasing our export share to 45 per cent within the next two years, reinforcing our position as a frontrunner in the industry.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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