CBTC technology to help Patna Metro prepare for high-tech revolution

CBTC, or communications-based train control, is a cutting-edge signalling system that aids in managing train movement on the Metro Rapid Transit System (MRTS). Information is transmitted wirelessly between trains and the control centre. All new MRTS networks in India are utilising the most recent technology currently in use. In the near future, DMRC intends to use it in the Patna Metro project.

The following are a few advantages of CBTC for commuters:
1. Increased Safety: Real-time monitoring and control of train movements is made possible by CBTC, which helps to reduce the risk of collisions and accidents. The overall safety of the metro is increased by the system’s automatic detection and response to any anomalies or failures in the train system.

2. Greater Capacity and Efficiency: CBTC can boost train frequency and speed, reducing travel times and maximising the usage of the metro system. This lessens crowding and wait times by enabling the transportation of more passengers in a given length of time.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs: As CBTC systems constantly monitor and notify the maintenance team of any possible problems or failures, they can help lower maintenance costs. This makes it possible to perform preventative maintenance, which lowers the possibility of significant failures or disruptions in train operation.

4. Improved Passenger Experience: CBTC enables smoother and more reliable train operations, which can enhance the entire experience for passengers. The system can also offer real-time information on train schedules and delays, giving passengers a more reliable and timely service.

This approach increases transport capacity while reducing headway. Continuous two-way digital communication between each train and the control centre is a requirement of the technology. Each train sends its location, direction, and speed to the control system, which uses that information to do the calculations required for a safe journey.

The Patna Metro project’s adoption of Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) technology is anticipated to completely transform how people get about the city. The Patna Metro is on track to develop into a top-tier transit system that will improve the residents mobility, connection, and standard of living.

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