India relieves rules to allow an easy transition to green energy

01 Jun 2022

Now India has eased norms to allow commercial and industrial customers to switch to green sources of electricity as India targets to decarbonise its fossil fuel-driven economy.

The Ministry of Power (MoP) said that consumers seeking open access to a clean energy source without being tied to the local distributor would have fewer surcharges to pay and get quick approvals. The threshold for such transactions is being reduced to 100 KW, from 1 MW, so smaller consumers enjoy the benefit.

The new rules could quicken large power users to switch away from coal power, which produces over 70% of electricity in India. Companies are inclined to improve their credentials in sustainability and are increasingly embracing renewable energy.

The current challenger is getting provincial power distributors, which control nearly 90% of the country’s electricity supplies, to adopt the transition. Customers find alternate power sources more expensive than coal-based power.

Power Minister Raj Kumar Singh told the media that the government aims to help customers reduce the cost of electricity.

He added that the Ministry would take all the necessary steps to achieve the target.

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