Nigeria floats tender to develop 4 GW nuclear power plant

01 Apr 2022

The Government of Nigeria will invite bids for constructing a nuclear power plant in the country. The new nuclear power plant will generate 4 GW of power.

After becoming operational, it will be the largest power facility in Nigeria.

This project will also improve the country’s power generation capacity. There are concerns regarding the ability of the country to manage a nuclear power plant due to the security situation and the delicate nature of the nuclear power project.

Director-general of the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Dr Yau Idris, told the media that there are mechanisms that ensure any country can build a nuclear power plant. Nigeria is trying to supply 4 GW of electricity through its nuclear power. The country will have four units and is currently in the bidding stage. He said that the regulatory agency had signed an agreement with South Korea, France, Russia, and Pakistan to build the capacity of its staff for nuclear plants.

He added that the addition of 4 GW of power would increase the generation capacity of the country to around 13 GW.

A year ago, China Civil Engineering Construction (CCECC) signed a $3.02 billion contract for work on the Nigerian Eastern Railway from Port Harcourt to Maiduguri in Nigeria. The project work includes the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the existing eastern railway line and the construction of new branch lines.

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