1,980 MW Karanpura Thermal Plant inspected by NTPC Chairman

01 Jun 2023

Gurdeep Singh, the Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) of NTPC, along with a team of officials, visited the 1980 MW North Karanpura Grand Thermal Power Project in Tandwa. The team, including Project Director Ujjwal Kanti Bhattacharya and Executive Director SN Tripathi, inspected the plant's first unit, which is currently generating power and ready for inauguration.

During the visit, the team also assessed the progress of the other two units, where work is being carried out diligently to meet the commissioning targets. The CMD provided instructions to expedite the work on the remaining units to achieve the designated power generation target, as stated by an official.

According to sources within NTPC, the production of the second unit is expected to commence in November 2023, while the third unit is scheduled for commissioning by March 2024. In addition to the plant inspection, Gurdeep Singh inaugurated the Atulyam Guest House located at the Tandwa premises, further enhancing the facilities available at the site.

The visit by NTPC's CMD signifies the company's commitment to ensuring the timely completion and efficient operation of the Karanpura Thermal Plant. It highlights NTPC's dedication to meeting the growing energy demands of the region and contributing to the overall development of the power sector.

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