1.3 GW Re-power to be supplied by NTPC to Greenko's Ammonia Plant

01 Apr 2023

For the purpose of supplying energy to Greenko's future green ammonia plant in Andhra Pradesh's Kakinada, NTPC Renewable Energy announced that it would provide 1.3 GW of round-the-clock (RTC) renewable energy. With Greenko ZeroC, the division of the Hyderabad-based Greenko Group that produces green molecules, the state-owned power generator negotiated a term-sheet deal.

By 2027, the Kakinada facility is anticipated to increase its yearly production capacity of green ammonia by up to 1 million tonnes, according to Greenko. The project's first phase will use electrolysers to create ammonia. To address the intermittent nature of renewable output, the project is supported by the company's Pinnapuram Integrated Renewable Energy Storage initiative.

In February of this year, Greenko started talks with the German energy business Uniper for the yearly offtake of 250,000 tonnes of green ammonia to the European Union. According to the agreement, Greenko ZeroC's ammonia production unit's Phase-I would supply green ammonia. NTPC Renewable Energy issued a request for proposals earlier this month to hire technical advisors for feasibility studies on green ammonia.

The Greenko Group has stepped up efforts to diversify its operations and offerings into electrolysers and green molecular solutions that can be used in a variety of large-scale applications, such as the creation of green hydrogen for powerful electric vehicles. Greenko and John Cockerill, a Belgian engineering firm, have teamed up to construct a green ammonia project in Himachal Pradesh that will require the provision of 140 MW alkaline electrolysers. Together, John Cockerill and Greenko ZeroC will develop the initiative to make about 300 metric tonnes of green ammonia every day.

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