ADB partners with West Bengal govt to study on economic corridors

01 Oct 2023

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has partnered with the West Bengal government to conduct a comprehensive study aimed at developing economic corridors in the state, according to an official announcement. The ADB has expressed its eagerness to provide technical expertise and funding support for these projects.

As per the statement released by the government, the study aims to strategically plan economic growth in key areas such as Andal-Panagarh, Kharagapur-Goaltore-Salboni, and pivotal centres like Siliguri, Dankuni, and Kalyani. This planning will involve the integration of urban development, industrial expansion, logistics optimisation, skill development, and social sector initiatives.

The ADB, renowned for its involvement in significant projects such as the East Coast Economic Corridor and the Bangladesh Corridor study, has actively participated in this endeavour. A stakeholder consultation meeting was conducted during the day, chaired by Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi, involving key industries associated with the Industrial and Economic Corridor Project. Representatives from ADB, Deloitte, FICCI, and various businesses operating within the identified corridors attended the meeting.

Recently, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee unveiled the Industrial and Economic Corridor Policy, announcing the government's plans to enhance and establish three corridors?Dankuni-Kalyani, Tajpur-Raghunathpur, and Dankuni-Jhargram?in southern West Bengal, as well as another corridor spanning from Panagarh to Cooch Behar, covering the northern districts.

"The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has collaborated with the Government of West Bengal for the study and development of the state's economic corridors," the official statement affirmed. Industry and logistics sector representatives have expressed their support for the government's initiatives and have provided valuable suggestions to enhance economic and industrial corridors.

The development of these corridors will be facilitated through a land availability portal and is anticipated to create significant employment opportunities throughout West Bengal, the statement further added. These corridors are poised to attract substantial investments and generate employment in diverse sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and tourism, according to an official source.

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