Asian Paints presents 19th edition ColourNext trends forecast

01 May 2022 Long Read

Now in its 19th edition, Asian Paints ColourNext is the voice of trend forecasting in the Indian subcontinent, known for its exemplary insights on colour and decor trends. By researching the socio-cultural trends of the year and its influences on colour, design and lifestyle, ColourNext 2022 has announced the four colour trends for the year — We/Us, Hope You're Well, Artify, and Solo Commerce. Along with this, Asian Paints announces the most anticipated Colour of the Year — Transcendent Pink.

As per ColourNext's research, in 2022 the mood is to take challenges in our stride and remaining undeterred. This sentiment is echoed in the four forecasted colour trend stories that address socio-cultural topics ranging from mental health to the metaverse, solopreneurship, gender, fashion and decor. And Asian Paints Colour of the Year, Transcendent Pink, celebrates fascinating pivots and powerful transitions.

With inputs from experts from a range of disciplines across architecture, art, interiors, fashion, sociology and more, ColourNext puts together a comprehensive forecast of trends in colours, materials, textures and finishes for those who design for India and the subcontinent at large. These trends have a far-reaching influence and are the only India-specific colour and decor trends forecast since 2003.

Speaking on ColourNext 2022, Amit Syngle, Managing Director and CEO, Asian Paints has said, "Once you free yourself from traditional mindsets and open up to a new outlook and way of life, it's incredibly life-changing. ColourNext 2022 is all about embracing the new and translating that into decor spaces. The four new trends We/Us, Hope You're Well, Artify, and Solo Commerce hint towards unlocking a different reality through acceptance, empathy, confidence, community and support. Transcendent Pink, is surely going to inspire us all to rise from the ashes of the normal we once knew, to explore a whole new kaleidoscope of life."

The Colour of the Year — Transcendent Pink:
It has a mature transitional quality, akin to our ever-expanding consciousness. A combination of blue and red, this greyish purple represents a mind that has the ability to synthesize new knowledge and old wisdom, and harness both, believed to encourage people to believe, rise up and create. While 2021 was a year of major changes and lessons, 2022 is the year for taking everything in stride and marching on, making it a time to shake off stigma and stereotypes and keep growing.

Change can be slow and imperceptible or rapid and noticeable, but it's undeniably constant. In keeping with the larger mood for 2022, Wallpaper of the Year — Lotus and Stilts — not only embraces transition but celebrates it. Using simple matchbox style art, the natural scenery of the Nal Sarovar Lake and its migratory birds have been translated into the patterns of the wallpaper. The four colour trends for the year 2022 are We/Us, Hope You're Well, Artify, and Solo Commerce.

Trend 1 - We/Us: Ungendering Spaces
This trend reflects cis-het men donning a feminine aesthetic with confidence who are taking the world of fashion by storm, but its roots go beyond fashion. By breaking established notions of what is masculine and feminine, the boundaries between genders have become less harsh. We/Us is a step in the journey of rejecting trite stereotypes. It's a playful dismantling of gender assumptions and hierarchies wherein it looks forward to a world where we acknowledge choice, individuality and freedom.

The Story: The colour palette for We/Us comprises of cool colours with fresh undertones like Flowing Green and Nautilus, are balanced by bold colours like Mahua, French Rose and Moroccan Rose. The material palette is whimsical made of bold sculptural forms and soft, sophisticated finishes. The wallpaper is a vibrant pattern inspired by the art of Frida Kahlo and the folklore of Mexico. The interior texture, Ikkat, is inspired by one of the oldest handicrafts of India and recognisable by its signature blurry effect of resist-dyeing.

Trend 2 - Hope You're Well: Empathy, Acceptance, Wellbeing
When it comes to mental health, we're witnessing an attitude shift in society. There is now a collective empathy for the fallibility of our mind. Seeking help for invisible mental health ailments has been de-stigmatised. We are becoming sensitive to the impact of our words and actions on our future generations, taking the onus of creating new pathways between the individual and the community, as we shift our focus from 'wellbeing' to being well.

The Story: This pensive mid-tone palette includes a balance of shades. The materials look fragmented and are 'perfectly imperfect'. The playful chips and blots of May Day wallpaper are meant to a space feel cosy and informal reminding of terrazzo. Lithos Slate Stone Finish texture has a rustic, vernacular quality with its coarse lines retained.

Trend 3 - Artily: A Metaverse of Possibilities
NFTs have disrupted the power structures of the art world. Artists now have direct access to collectors, leaving out the traditional route of valuation via curators, galleries, reps and auction houses. The notion of art and its valuation are now open to interpretation. Armed with optimism, a sense of metaphysical wonder and an accessible entry point artists explore and experiment with this new marketplace. From static to motion, tech-enabled performance art to never-seen-before footage from legendary filmmakers, the medium's rising popularity opens a world of possibilities for content creators and artists.

The Story: The mood of freedom is portrayed with dominant white undertones and the seamless Leading Lights wallpaper. Tussar, the texture, has a depth of colour and sheen, with the mysterious wave-like brushstroke to emulate a fabric.

Trend 4 - Solo Commerce: The life of gig-entrepreneurs.
Personhood and enterprise rolled into one, Solo Commerce is the new work culture that sits squarely in the medium-term between gigs and employment. Fuelled by changing career aspirations, and a robust digital ecosystem, it's a paradigm shift that allows working individuals the autonomy of location, lifestyle and time, making it a pathway to do meaningful work and grow professionally with both, the freedom of gigs and the security of a job.

The Story: This unconventional ensemble for the unconventional workforce has been inspired by our transition to a less temporary home-office setup. The forecasted materials are versatile, smart and can serve as medium-to-long-term alternatives. The intricate dotted lines of Sky Dance wallpaper is a vivid background for a workspace fit to engage in a daily hustle.