Assam CM inaugurates Shraddhanji Flyover, easing Guwahati traffic woes

01 Oct 2023

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma inaugurated the Shraddhanji Flyover, connecting Gauhati Commerce College-Sundarpur on RG Baruah Road and Mother Teresa Road leading to Geeta Mandir, in a ceremony held here. This significant infrastructure project, with a total length of 2.28 km, was completed in a remarkable 19 months, ahead of its scheduled completion date of July 20, 2024. The construction, involving a budget of Rs 3.1611 billion, was a testament to the efficiency and dedication of the involved parties.

During the inauguration event, Chief Minister Sarma expressed his joy at inaugurating both the Nilachal Flyover at Maligaon and the Shraddhanjali Flyover at RG Baruah Road before the Durga Puja festivities. He emphasised that these flyovers would greatly enhance traffic flow, providing much-needed relief to commuters. Originally planned to be 1 km in length, the Shraddhanjali Flyover was extended to 2.28 km based on the demands of the people and the city's traffic needs. Sarma highlighted the state government's commitment to easing traffic congestion in Guwahati, acknowledging the city's role as the gateway to South East Asian Nations.

Despite the challenges faced, Sarma assured that the state government is dedicated to beautifying Guwahati, recognising the city's importance and aiming for infrastructure that matches its significance. Future plans include the construction of rotaries at 'Bhut Nath' and 'Machkhowa,' as well as a connecting road to redirect traffic at these points, bypassing Bharalumaukh. Additionally, there are plans for another flyover at Bharalumukh, linking MG Road and RK Chowdhury Road, further enhancing the city's traffic management and connectivity.

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