Automated manufacture facility for bullet train track opens

01 Oct 2023

In a groundbreaking development, a fully operational track slab manufacturing facility has been inaugurated for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR) corridor, colloquially known as the bullet train. This pioneering facility, situated in the vicinity of Anand district in Gujarat, signifies a significant leap forward for the project.

The National High-Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) issued a statement on Saturday, heralding the commencement of this fully automated facility. The facility's primary objective is the production of track slabs, covering an extensive stretch of 116 kilometers for the double-line High-Speed Rail track within the MAHSR Corridor.

Spanning an impressive area of 1 lakh square meters, this facility leverages cutting-edge technology to manufacture a total of 45,000 precast track slabs dedicated to the MAHSR project. Notably, the entire construction of this facility, from its inception in civil works, has been accomplished within a remarkable timeframe of eight months.

The facility is equipped with 60 high-precision moulds, enabling it to produce an impressive daily output of 60 track slabs. Given that approximately 200 track slabs are required per track kilometer, the facility has the capacity to store up to 9,000 track slabs, ensuring a seamless and efficient track installation process.

This achievement underscores the unwavering commitment to the timely and efficient execution of the ambitious Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail project, bringing it one step closer to realization.

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