Bangalore prepares to unveil its largest Metro station

01 Jul 2023

Bangalore is on the brink of a momentous breakthrough as it prepares to unveil its largest Metro station, the multi-level interchange station at Jayadeva Junction on Bannerghatta Road, by the close of 2023.

The station is a key component of the Yellow Line, connecting RV Road to Bommasandra, and the Pink Line, spanning from Kalena Agrahara to Nagawara. With the capacity to accommodate an astounding 25,000 passengers during peak hours, this colossal transport hub is a testament to the city's commitment to enhancing public transportation.

The esteemed Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) proudly reported that an impressive 90 per cent of the station's construction has been completed, with a total built-up area of 19,826 square meters. Despite some delays, BMRCL is now targeting a 2023 inauguration for the Yellow Line, while the Pink Line is projected to be operational by March 2025.

Anjum Parwez, the Managing Director of BMRCL, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, "Jayadeva Metro station is part of the two new lines proposed under Phase II of Namma Metro. One of the lines, running from RV Road to Bommasandra, will be open by the end of the year, encompassing a total of 16 stations, including the impressive Jayadeva station."

The Yellow Line will introduce an innovative double-decker flyover, facilitating smooth travel for commuters from the Ragigudda side by accommodating both road traffic and Metro trains. The interchange station will reach its full potential when the Pink Line from Kalena Agrahara to Nagawara begins commercial operations, setting new standards for seamless connectivity.

With the extension of the Yellow Line to the bustling IT corridor of Electronics City, Bengaluru will proudly boast three impressive interchange Metro stations. The RV Road station will emerge as the third interchange station, seamlessly connecting the Yellow Line with the Green Line (Silk Institute to Nagasandra). BMRCL anticipates that the Yellow Line's inauguration will boost Metro ridership by an impressive 2 lakh commuters.

The construction of the Jayadeva interchange station was a formidable challenge that BMRCL fearlessly tackled. To minimise land acquisition, the agency made the bold decision to demolish a decade-old flyover and replace it with the grand multi-level station in 2015-16. Despite the complexity of the project and the high volume of traffic in the area, BMRCL persevered, introducing the first-ever use of precast double T-girders in Namma Metro, streamlining the construction process. Moreover, the station's upper corridor, perched atop the double-decker flyover, will stand an impressive 34 meters above the underpass, truly embodying Bangalore's ambitious vision for its future transportation.

As 2023 draws near, Bangalore's skyline eagerly awaits the unveiling of the magnificent Jayadeva Junction Interchange Station, set to redefine the city's commute and usher in a new era of modern, efficient transportation. Stay tuned for this remarkable milestone in Bengaluru's journey towards a brighter, interconnected tomorrow! 

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