Bhubaneswar Metro Phase I: DMRC Consultancy Deal Marks Milestone in Infrastructure Development

01 Nov 2023

The Bhubaneswar Metro project has been a pivotal endeavour in advancing the city's infrastructure, aiming to enhance connectivity and ease urban transportation. With the recent agreement, DMRC's involvement is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the project's trajectory. This collaboration brings with it a wealth of expertise from DMRC, known for its successful implementation of metro systems across India. The partnership is expected to influence not only the efficiency but also the quality and sustainability of the Bhubaneswar Metro Phase I. As the city anticipates the positive outcomes of this collaboration, the financial and temporal aspects, as well as other essential details, come into focus. The link here provides an in-depth exploration of the cost, completion timeline, and additional insights into this transformative project.

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