Birla Corporation Aims for 25 Million Tonnes Cement Production by FY26

01 Sep 2023

Birla Corporation, one of India's leading cement manufacturers, has unveiled ambitious plans to significantly increase its cement production capacity. The company aims to reach a staggering 25 million tonnes of cement production by the fiscal year 2026. This substantial expansion is part of Birla Corporation's strategic growth initiative to meet the rising demand for cement in the country.

Key points of this expansion include the modernisation and expansion of existing plants, as well as the establishment of new manufacturing facilities. This move is expected to not only enhance the company's production capabilities but also improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact through the adoption of advanced technologies.

The decision to ramp up production aligns with the growing infrastructure and construction projects in India, which require substantial quantities of cement. Birla Corporation's commitment to increasing capacity demonstrates its dedication to supporting the country's infrastructural development.

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