BMRCL Commences Landwork for Metro Phase 3

01 Nov 2023

The commencement of land work is a key prelude to the actual construction phase, involving surveys, assessments, and preparatory activities necessary for the successful execution of Metro Phase 3. As part of the expansion plan, new metro lines and stations are envisioned to further connect different parts of the city, reducing congestion and promoting sustainable transport options.

BMRCL's strategic move aligns with the growing requirements of Bengaluru's burgeoning population and the need for a well-connected and accessible public transportation system. The expansion of the metro network is expected to contribute to reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, and increased overall efficiency in commuting within the city.

Metro Phase 3 holds promise for enhanced connectivity, fostering economic activities and making public transit more convenient for residents and visitors alike. As the land work commences, anticipation builds for the positive impact this expansion will have on Bengaluru's urban landscape, emphasising the city's commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

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