BRO nears completion of Sela Tunnel

01 Sep 2023

According to reports, the Sela tunnel project, initially scheduled for completion a year ago, faced delays due to extended winter seasons that hampered construction progress, particularly concerning concrete work inside the tunnel. Additionally, cloudbursts and landslides during the rainy season damaged one of the approach roads, further contributing to the delay. Nevertheless, the project is now on the cusp of completion and should be ready within four weeks.

Sela Tunnel Project Details

The Sela Tunnel project comprises two tunnels, Tunnel 1 (980 meters long) and Tunnel 2 (1,555 meters long), along with two roads spanning 7 kilometres and 1.3 kilometres, respectively. Tunnel 2 features an escape tube for emergencies and one bi-lane tube for traffic. The inclusion of escape passages is mandated for tunnels exceeding 1,500 meters in length. The project employs the Austrian tunnelling technique, with over 50 engineers and 500 BRO workers assessing rock behaviour to design the tunnel appropriately.

Project Completion Target: September 2025

The BRO aims to complete this Rs 2.14 billion project by September 2025, marking a crucial component of India's border infrastructure expansion. The organisation's efforts have resulted in the acceleration of construction work in recent years. In 2021, 102 projects are slated for dedication, with an additional 150 projects expected to conclude by year-end. Notably, the BRO has substantially increased its road construction pace, completing 934 kilometres annually from 2020 to 2023, compared to 809 kilometres per year in the 2015-20 period and a significantly lower 632 kilometres per year from 2008 to 2015.

Key BRO Projects

BRO's current initiatives encompass vital roads in the Ladakh region, including the Chushul-Dungti-Fukche-Demchok road, Nimu-Padam-Darcha road, and the Likaru-Mig La-Fukche road, bolstering India's border connectivity and strategic capabilities.

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