Centre to boost imported coal blend for power demand

01 Oct 2023

The government is likely to instruct power generators to increase the proportion of imported coal for blending to a minimum of 6% from the current 4% due to dwindling stocks at power plants. This directive is imminent due to the existing daily deficit between supply and usage. They stated, "Because there is a daily deficit [difference between supply and use] now, imported coal blending is being ordered to be increased to at least 6%. The direction will be issued soon."

As of October 15, coal stocks at domestic power plants had plummeted to 18.4 million tonnes. In the first half of the month, the stock had decreased by 3.3 million tonne. In comparison, last year on October 15, the stock at domestic coal-based plants was 22.6 million tonne. Stocks were expected to further decrease to 20 million tonne but were anticipated to rise from mid-October.

Due to the heightened demand for electricity and lower-than-expected wind and hydro power generation in some states, coal-based units were compelled to generate more power.

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