Chennai Metro: Work under Adyar River to begin in Sept

01 Aug 2023

Commencing this September, construction activities will initiate beneath the Adyar vicinity, adjacent to the Greenways Road Metro Station. The upcoming project involves the utilisation of a tunnel boring apparatus to excavate a tunnel spanning 400 m in length, positioned at a depth of 20 m beneath the river's surface.

Back in February, the excavation process kicked off as the tunnel boring machine known as Kaveri embarked on its journey beneath the RA Puram corporation playground. Currently, the machine has covered a distance of 120 m, with its destination set to be the river. Once this endeavour is concluded, the resultant tunnel will seamlessly link the Greenways Road Metro Station with the Adyar Junction Station, effectively stretching across a distance of 1.2 km.

An engineer working on-site has informed that the tunnel boring machine is presently advancing at a pace of 1.5 m per day. This deliberate pace is imperative due to the presence of various structures situated above ground, including a petrol station and a college. Accelerating the machine's speed could potentially give rise to structural issues and damages.

The tunnel boring machine will persist in its subterranean voyage, traversing beneath Durgabai Deshmukh Road and navigating under the Adyar River in the vicinity of the Thiru. Vi.Ka Bridge, prior to ultimately reaching the station presently under construction at Adyar Junction.

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