Chorla road repairs done, Commuters between Belagavi-Goa to Benefit

01 Jun 2023

Great news awaits commuters between Belagavi and Goa as the repairs on the Chorla road have been successfully concluded. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) took charge of the project, which was executed by G R Engineers and Contractors. The repair work, initiated on Tuesday, reached completion on Saturday.

The contractor estimated that the cost of repairing approximately 8 kilometers of dilapidated road amounted to around Rs 30 million. The repairs will not only benefit the commuters but also have a positive impact on the Belagavi market, as an increase in visitors from Goa is expected in the coming days.

Dr Prabhakar Kore, Chairman of KLES, played a vital role in advocating for the road repairs. He brought the commuters' hardships to the attention of NHAI authorities. Additionally, a delegation led by the newly elected Khanapur MLA, Vitthal Halgekar, met with NHAI Director Bhuvanesh Kumar to emphasise the urgency of the road repairs.

Previously, commuters faced significant difficulties while traveling between Jamboti and Kankumbi due to the deteriorated road conditions. The dilapidated stretches not only caused damage to vehicles but also resulted in delays as drivers struggled to navigate through them.

Initially, repair work commenced in the first week of March and was expected to conclude by the end of that month. However, it was abruptly halted, disappointing commuters and raising concerns about travel during the monsoon season.

Laxmi Venkatesh of G R Engineers stated, "We have successfully repaired approximately 8 kilometers of road between Jamboti and Chorla. The quality of the repairs has been maintained to withstand the heavy monsoon in the Jamboti-Kankumbi section. The repairs were completed by Saturday, ensuring a comfortable journey for commuters." The contractor also mentioned that smaller potholes along the Jamboti-Chorla stretch are being repaired and will be completed in the next few days.

Authorities confirm that commuters from both Belagavi and Goa can now travel more efficiently, as the travel time has been reduced by approximately 30 minutes. This development brings immense relief to the people of Belagavi.

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