CSIR-NIIST introduces new tech for biomedical waste safety

01 Apr 2024

The CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (CSIR-NIIST) had introduced a pioneering technology aimed at the safe, sustainable, and cost-effective management of biomedical waste, representing a significant milestone as the first of its kind in the country.

This groundbreaking technology had been unveiled during the Biomedical Waste Management Conclave, a one-day event held at the CSIR-NIIST campus in the city on March 26.

As reported by UNI, Dr M Srinivas, Director of AIIMS New Delhi, had inaugurated the event, which had been presided over by Dr N Kalaiselvi, Secretary of DSIR and Director General of CSIR, via videoconferencing.

Dr Srinivas had stressed the importance of innovative technologies in the biomedical sector and had reiterated AIIMS' commitment to collaborating with academic and research institutions, particularly CSIR. He had praised CSIR-NIIST Director Dr C Anandharamakrishnan and his team for their innovative solution for the disposal of pathogenic biomedical waste.

Dr Kalaiselvi had remarked that the biomedical waste treatment technology developed by CSIR-NIIST would effectively tackle one of the major challenges of modern times. She had noted, "This technology will significantly impact the global biomedical arena by addressing the limitations of conventional technologies, including energy-intensive incineration."

Dr Anandharamakrishnan had explained that with the technology, one kilogram of medical waste could be converted into soil additives in three minutes, suitable for agricultural purposes. As per the UNI news agency, he had mentioned that this safe and cost-effective technology would facilitate hospitals in disposing of medical waste easily at its source.

However, the implementation of this technology in hospitals nationwide necessitated approval from the Central Pollution Control Board.

"CSIR-NIIST is actively exploring various waste management strategies, including biomedical waste. The technology we developed for converting pathogenic biomedical waste into value-added soil additives serves as a perfect example of the 'Waste to Wealth' concept," he had added.

Following the development of this groundbreaking technology, CSIR-NIIST had transferred it to Bio Vastum Solutions, a firm based in Angamaly.

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