DVC aims for 8,000 MW power plants in 7 years

01 Jun 2023

Ramnaresh Singh, Chairman of the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), announced that the DVC was planning to invest Rs 600 billion in the establishment of three brownfield power plants in India over the next seven years. He mentioned that the combined capacity of these plants would amount to 8,000 MW. It was stated that the approval for these plants had been granted by the Centre.

Singh mentioned that the DVC was also seeking government approval for an additional brownfield project. He stated that they were currently working on the installation of two hydel pump storage and battery-powered plants in Luggu Hill, Gomia, Bokaro (Jharkhand), and Panchet (West Bengal) to generate 2,500 MW. Furthermore, within their operational areas, the DVC had plans to establish 2,000 MW of floating and ground-mounted solar power plants.

Singh emphasised that the DVC had been successful in meeting its production target of 7,000 MW of power. He mentioned that they not only supplied electricity to states such as Delhi, Jharkhand, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, and Gujarat but also to nations like Bangladesh.

During a visit to the Chandrapura Thermal Power Plant (CTPS), Singh provided details about the upcoming brownfield thermal power plants. He informed that these plants would be situated in Koderma (Jharkhand), Raghunathpur, and Durgapur (West Bengal). He clarified that the DVC had no plans to establish a new thermal power plant at a different location. Instead, the new facilities would be located within the boundaries of existing DVC power plants, which already possessed coal, water, and rail infrastructure.

Additionally, there were plans to set up an 800 MW thermal plant in Chandrapura. Singh added that the dismantling of the old units at the Chandrapura Thermal Power Plant was currently underway to make space for the 800 MW unit.

Singh stated that the DVC catered to approximately 4% of the country's total power demand. The organisation aimed to provide electricity at competitive rates, offering prices lower than other power generators in the country.

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