Experts Urge BEST to Invest in Own Buses for Enhanced Service

01 May 2024

Transport experts recommend that the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) urgently purchase its own buses to enhance the city's public transportation system. Currently, BEST relies heavily on contracted buses, which experts argue compromises service quality and reliability. The call for this shift comes amid ongoing discussions about how to improve Mumbai?s public transport amid rising passenger complaints and operational challenges.

Experts highlight that owning a fleet allows for better maintenance, flexibility in route management, and ensures buses meet specific service standards. This approach contrasts with the current reliance on private contractors, where control over vehicle conditions and driver training is limited. A proprietary fleet would enable BEST to implement stricter quality controls, regular maintenance schedules, and quicker response times to issues, ultimately leading to a more reliable and user-friendly service.

The urgency is underscored by the increasing demand for efficient and dependable public transport as Mumbai?s population continues to grow. Experts argue that investing in a dedicated fleet could significantly reduce operational disruptions and improve commuter satisfaction. Additionally, the move is seen as essential for future-proofing the city's transport infrastructure against rising urban mobility demands.

By acquiring its own buses, BEST can directly manage and optimise the fleet, ensuring higher service standards and better adaptability to commuter needs. This shift is crucial for sustaining and improving Mumbai's urban transport system in the long term.

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