Finally, Green Line 4 track laying contracts awarded

01 Oct 2023

The long-anticipated Mumbai to Thane metro network, specifically the Eastern Suburb Metro Green Line 4, has taken a significant step forward with the awarding of work orders for the construction of the carshed and track laying.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has announced the appointment of a contractor for the construction of the Mogharpada Depot (carshed) in Thane, marking a pivotal moment in the project's progress. This depot will serve as a vital component of the Mumbai Metro Green Line Routes 4 and 4A, connecting the regions of Wadala to Gaimukh.

The esteemed contracting firm, Messrs SEW-VSE (JV), secured the project with the lowest bid of Rs. 9,05,00,00,000/-. The Mogharpada Depot will encompass an expansive area of approximately 42.25 hectares in Mogharpada and will encompass a range of essential facilities. These include stabling yards, an operational control center, administrative buildings, maintenance and workshop facilities, an auxiliary substation, staff quarters, and other critical infrastructure elements.

Notably, the depot will feature 64 stabling lines, of which 32 are currently in operation, with provision for an additional 32 in the future. It will also include 10 inspection bay lines and 10 workshop lines. This development signifies a significant leap forward in the construction of the Mumbai to Thane metro network, enhancing connectivity and transportation options for the region.