Gadkari launches RHS portal’s breakthrough of new 6-lane tunnel

01 Feb 2022

Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has launched a breakthrough of the RHS portal of the new six-lane tunnel located in Khambatki ghat of Maharashtra.

Nitin Gadkari mentioned that this project will help in reducing the time and money required for travel, and also the length of the Pune-Satara route.

Gadkari said Balasaheb Patil, the Guardian Minister of Satara, on the six-lane, twin tunnel project, Khambhatki Ghat in the Pune-Satara section on the Mumbai-Bengaluru National Highway, is speeding up the development of the national highway.

The breakthrough program had been completed in the presence of Khasdar Ranjit Singh Naik Nimbalkar. The ministers, officers, MLAs, and MPs of the state government were also present.

The project of Khambattaki Ghat is an initiative taken to save time and money along with accelerating highway development. Six-lane tunnels- two three-lane tunnels are constructed on the Khambattaki Ghat for the reduction of the Pune-Satara route’s length as well as to save fuel. The tunnel’s construction work has reached the final stage and will be completed soon.

The corridor’s development is important considering the increase in the mobility of the people. The tunnel will assist in facilitating and easing the traffic on the Mumbai-Bengaluru National Highway. This will also lead to fuel savings and a reduction in pollution.

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