GDA approves Master Plan 2031 for seven 'influence zones' in Ghaziabad

01 Nov 2023

The Master Plan 2031, which had received approval from the GDA board, is anticipated to be implemented by the end of January.

The approval involved consolidating the three individual plans for Ghaziabad, Loni, and Modinagar/Muradnagar into one comprehensive master plan for the entire Ghaziabad district. According to GDA vice chairperson RK Singh, the amalgamation of these three plans aimed to eliminate any obstacles in the planned development, and the board granted its approval.

RK Singh mentioned that the plan would now be forwarded to the director of the town and country planning department and subsequently to the state government. He stated, "After the state government issues the notification, the master plan will come into effect."

It's worth noting that the board had rejected the draft plan on three previous occasions. In September, the Meerut divisional commissioner had suspended the draft because the Duhai Namo Bharat station-cum-depot was not included in the transit-oriented development (TOD) zone.

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