GMDA to prepare sustainable green plan for urban areas by year-end

01 Jan 2022

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) will prepare a sustainable management plan for the “urban environment” of its notified area by the end of this year.

An official told the media that the authority is presently working towards floating an expression of interest (EOI) for the same. As per the authorities, although the GMDA Act, 2017, mandated that such a plan must be made “from time to time”, the district environment management plan was prepared and issued by the state government, generating uncertainty about whether a separate plan was needed for the GMDA areas.

Subhash Chander Yadav, additional chief executive officer of the Urban Environment Division, told the media that this sustainable environment management plan was pondered to be made according to the GMDA Act. They were conducting the exercise but, in between, the district environment management plan was made. Thus, in the previous meeting of the GMDA’s Core Planning Cell, they brought up the issue to confirm whether they must adopt that plan or make their own.

At the meeting, following the discussion, GMDA CEO Sudhir Rajpal directed authorities to float a separate EOI for the preparation of the Sustainable Environment Management Plan.

The CEO told the media that as the problems of the urban area tend to be a little different, they should make their plan. A mobility management plan was made by the GMDA earlier, which had predictions for the city, such as what the vehicle population and the human population would be, along with other parameters.

According to the GMDA Act 2017, the plan for the sustainable management of the urban environment will have provision for urban forestry, tree plantation and horticulture, and steps for solid waste management and water conservation.

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