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01 Oct 2023

MMRC Sariput Nagar Electrical Substation in Mumbai is India's first metro substation project to achieve the prestigious IGBC Platinum rating.

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) exemplifies a strong commitment to sustainability within the infrastructure development sector. This dedication is evident in MMRC’s initiation of a series of green building projects, emphasising its dedication to environmental stewardship. A notable representation of this commitment is the MMRC Sariput Nagar Electrical Substation located in Mumbai.

To achieve the objective of designing and constructing a green building, Larson & Toubro (L&T), the EPC contractor and PEC Greening India, a green building consultant, were engaged from the planning stage. MMRC embraced a holistic approach to creating a green building. With a built-up area covering less than 3,000 sq m, this small-scale project proves that even compact endeavours can make significant strides toward sustainability. As Dr Mala Singh, Founder and Director, PEC Greening India, says, “Small projects can also ‘Go Green’.”

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