Housing scheme survey by GDA reveals 14 plots worth Rs 100 million

01 Mar 2023

It has been a while since the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has found success digging through ancient records. A survey of the development authority's Swarn Jayanti Puram housing project revealed 14 property parcels totaling 2,000 square metres. According to officials, the market value of all of these plots could exceed Rs 100 million that would assist the authority restock its dwindling funds.

After claims of problems in the housing programme, the GDA started the survey. Sushil Kumar Choubey, an officer on special duty (OSD) at the development authority stated, “We found that 14 plots each spanning 90 to 200sqm did not have any mention in the authority’s records. We believe these are the GDA’s own plots.” The GDA has recently posted advertisements asking individuals if anyone owns these plots in order to make sure there is no error. “We have asked people to come up with ownership documents. If the plots belong to none, the GDA will auction them. They could be worth more than Rs 100 million,” he further said.

The Swarn Jyanti Puram housing development, introduced by the GDA in 1998, provided 1,553 plots, with sizes ranging from 90 to 200 square metres. However in 2011, a plea was filed in the Allahabad high court by local resident Rajendra Tyagi, who stated that officials had utilised fraudulent ways to reinstate 139 cancelled plots in the region. Inquiries at the divisional commissioner level revealed that there had been a fraud, and a few former GDA employees were also charged. The top court is presently hearing arguments in this case.

"The GDA began an impartial poll to support its court case. In order to check records of establishing colonies, roads, and other public infrastructure, surveyors, engineers, and representatives from the land acquisition and property departments gathered together,” according to Choubey. The 14 land parcels' secret was revealed during this survey.

In light of the fraud committed in recovering cancelled plots, is there a chance of foul play? "At this time, we are unable to confirm or exclude one. Another possibility is a human error. To confirm that, another study is being undertaken," stated Choubey.

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