Indesign launches exquisite chairs

01 Sep 2023 Long Read

Indesign is renowned for creating spaces that speak to their values. Mastering the craft of curation, while holding on to its values of great design, the brand brought a touch of luxury and comfort with its latest launch of chairs that can be used in the bedroom or any other living space.

Elevate your interior design expertise with the introduction of an exquisite chair that seamlessly merges the captivating allure of brown leather with meticulously crafted golden embellishments, redefining the concepts of opulence and comfort. The harmonious interplay between the warm tones of brown leather and the radiant glow of gold results in a striking visual contrast that enchants and gratifies.

This chair goes beyond being a mere furniture item; it stands as a testament to the finesse and meticulous attention invested in every artistic creation. The backrest, adorned in sumptuous brown leather upholstery, emanates an air of lavishness that is simultaneously inviting and refined. The leather covering isn't just a surface; it's a medium that narrates a story of elegance and discernment. Expertly curated and thoughtfully positioned, these gilded accents metamorphose the chair into a masterpiece that captivates from all angles.

More than mere furnishing, it serves as a living testament to the craftsmanship and intricate detail that characterise each piece of art. Whether gracing a cozy reading corner, a sophisticated study, or an expansive living space, it introduces an element of timeless sophistication that harmonises with diverse interior aesthetics. Bridging the gap effortlessly between classical and modern design, it has become an essential addition for connoisseurs of refined decor.

For 28 years, Indesign has set furniture trends with their exclusive designs that have elevated the beauty and luxury of the homes they have adorned. With their refined modern aesthetics and a nod to international styles, the designs have always been ahead of their time, inspiring three generations of discerning homeowners and designers. 

Now, the third-generation owners of the company, Sonakshi and Ankit Pahuja, are all set to take the grand legacy forward and breathe fresh life into the brand.
Contemporariness is at the heart of the designs that showcase sophisticated straight lines and chic contours. Thoughtfully selected materiality, comprising high quality wood, Italian marble, brass, onyx, luxury veneers, pure leathers, plush velvets, lends the products a lux appeal. The finely crafted pieces of furniture bring out the natural elegance of the materials used, while also extoling the design that they essay. Unique material pairings and contrasts, surprise colour combinations and eye-catching silhouettes impart a statement-making allure to the products.

With an extensive product range, Indesign caters to all spaces of a home from living-dining to bedroom. Customisation is a strong point that endears them to the discreet needs of their clients. 
A keen eye to evolving trends, new materials and innovative technologies go into their new collections bringing a creative edge and chicness to any space they occupy.

Address: C-29 A, Mansarover Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110015
Contact: +91 93108 51211

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