India ships 1.16 million tonne of coal to neighbours in FY23

01 Oct 2023

According to the coal ministry, India has exported 1.163 million tonne of coal in the fiscal year 2022-23 to neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. The majority of the coal, amounting to 0.833 million tonne, was sent to Nepal. Bangladesh received 0.245 million tonne, Bhutan received 0.053 million tonne, and others received 0.032 million tonne, as per the latest Provisional Coal Statistics for FY23.

The ministry stated that despite a shortage of coal in India compared to its demand, leading to the need for coal imports, India managed to export a certain quantity of coal to neighbouring countries during 2022-23.

In a statement, the coal ministry emphasised that coal remains the primary source of commercial energy in India, constituting half of the country's energy consumption. It continues to be the dominant fuel for power generation due to its reliability in comparison to other renewable energy sources.

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