JSW Infra Seals Rs 4,119 Crore Deal for Keni Port Project in Karnataka

01 Dec 2023

JSW Infrastructure has inked a significant agreement with the state of Karnataka for the ambitious Keni Port project, marking a colossal investment of Rs 4,119 Crore. This venture is poised to redefine the maritime landscape in the region, bolstering trade, and amplifying economic growth. The Keni Port initiative aligns with JSW Infra's commitment to advancing India's infrastructure, leveraging cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. The project encompasses state-of-the-art facilities, designed to enhance logistical efficiency and accommodate the growing demands of international trade. This collaboration between JSW Infra and Karnataka signifies a strategic partnership aimed at fortifying the state's position as a key player in the maritime domain. The infusion of Rs 4,119 Crore into the Keni Port project underscores JSW Infra's dedication to catalysing economic development and fostering job creation in the region.

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