Karnal-based firm awarded contract for bio-mining

01 Aug 2022

On Aug 18, Akanksha Enterprises, a company based in Karnal, was awarded the contract for the bio-mining of the landfill site's legacy waste dump Anindita Mitra, the municipal commissioner, stated that the agency has received the letter of intent for submission of the performance bank guarantee this week and that bio-mining work will begin in the first week of September 2022.

According to Mitra, the agency has promised to process the waste within six months. With the completion of this project, not only will the issue of offensive odor be resolved, but incidents of fire will also be eliminated. Residents in the area will feel a great sense of relief because their request will be met within the next 18 months, she added.

She asserted that Dadumajra Colony has one waste disposal site spread across 45 acres of land with two dumps of waste totaling 5 lakh metric tons and 8 lakh metric tons covering 16 acre and 8 acre of land, respectively. The residents of Dadumajra Colony, who live close by, have experienced inconvenience as a result of these garbage dumps. She claimed that a bad odor coming from the dump had made life worse for the locals.

Numerous fires broke out as a result of methane gas leaks from the dumping site endangering locals' lives. The area councilor and locals have called for the removal of the waste mountain as soon as possible because it poses a serious health risk to them, she continued.

According to a report, Chandigarh Smart City Limited will have finished bio-mining the 5 lakh metric tons of legacy waste by December 31, 2022. According to the Commissioner, this will allow for the reclamation of almost 16 acres of land. She informed the group that the Municipal Corporation had also requested bids for the bio-mining of 8 lakh metric tons of waste that was spread across 8 acres.

“The NGT and CPCC had already directed for early bio-mining of the waste to overcome these problems. A detailed project report amounting to Rs 726 million was therefore prepared and got approved under Swachh Bharat Mission 2.0 in March 2022 and tender for the same was floated in June 2022,” a statement issued by the Municipal Corporation said.

The tender was awarded for Rs679.5 million, according to the commissioner. The estimates for bio-mining of legacy waste were approved by UT Adviser Dharam Pal in Match of this year at a cost of Rs 770 million.

In addition to the additional Rs 770 million that had been approved, legacy mining of 5 lakh metric tonnes of waste is already being done at a cost of Rs 340 million.

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