Kohima to introduce ward committees for traffic management

01 Aug 2023

In a bid to address mounting traffic concerns, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) in Kohima, Nagaland, is embarking on a novel approach by establishing ward parking committees as a pilot initiative across five wards within the state capital.

Chaired by Kohima's Deputy Commissioner, Shanavas C, a meeting was held to formalise this strategy at the DC's conference hall. The committees will be led by the Kohima Sadar Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil) and will comprise members such as DSP (Traffic), RTA representatives, officials from the Kohima Municipal Council, and ward chairpersons. These committees are entrusted with the task of bolstering traffic management within their respective wards.

Focusing on the escalating challenge of traffic congestion and the associated inconvenience for the public, the meeting also advocated the immediate experimental use of the Kohima Smart City Development Ltd. (KSCDL) multi-level parking facilities to alleviate traffic pressure.

Furthermore, an additional committee, spearheaded by the Kohima Additional Superintendent of Police, will collaborate with relevant departments to explore innovative strategies for operating two multi-level car parking facilities. The KSCDL is mandated to install high-resolution CCTV cameras at pivotal entry and exit points across Kohima to streamline parking management.

The discussion encompassed other key areas, including feeder passenger vehicle services to the Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT), designated parking spaces for regional taxis, the identification of a "green channel" for dedicated city bus services catering to students and office workers, and a comprehensive review of traffic management around Oking Hospital and Jail Colony.

A presentation on Kohima's current traffic scenario, led by DSP (Traffic), shed light on factors contributing to congestion, including population density, disregard for traffic regulations, and VIP motorcades. With a staggering 1,95,284 vehicles traversing Kohima's streets daily, effective traffic management remains an imperative.

The meeting concluded with discussions on peak hour congestion mitigation strategies, the establishment of a veterinary centre, educational institution upgrades, and infrastructure projects aimed at enhancing the overall quality of urban life for residents.

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