Lifting Bigger and Better!

01 May 2024

India is handling heavier materials than ever before, necessitating the deployment of some of the world’s biggest cranes. Consider—a Mammoet PTC210-DS, a 5,000t capacity ring crane, is working at the Reliance refinery in Jamnagar. A Mammoet PTC35-DS, a 1,600t capacity ring crane, and the PT50, a 2,000t ring crane, have been deployed in Rajasthan on heavy refinery installations. By enabling heavy lifts at a high operating speed and sitewide lifting from a single location, such cranes reduce the productivity losses due to relocation downtime, making them optimal options for time-bound projects.

Desirable features

Sanghvi Movers’ lifts across thermal power, petrochemical and refineries, oil and gas, steel, cement, windmills, railways, metros and bridges projects.

“Sanghvi Movers’ choice of heavy lifter (1800t, crawler crane) was driven by the OEM’s approach to pricing, futuristic design, service network, and safety features,” says Manish Pandey, Vice President, Sales, Sanghvi Movers...

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