L&T to Extend Paradip Port

01 Feb 2024

Engineering and construction giant Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is on the verge of winning a contract worth Rs 5.54 billion to extend the south breakwater of Paradip Port. This strategic project aims to enhance the port's infrastructure, allowing for increased maritime activities and reinforcing its position as a key hub for shipping and trade.

The proposed extension of Paradip Port's south breakwater is expected to contribute to the overall development of maritime infrastructure in the region. L&T's involvement in this significant project underscores its expertise and role in shaping the country's vital infrastructure, particularly in the maritime sector.

The contract, once secured, will involve extensive engineering and construction work to extend the south breakwater, potentially boosting the port's capacity and capabilities. Paradip Port, located on the east coast of India, plays a crucial role in facilitating trade and commerce and serves as a vital gateway for various industries.

As L&T moves closer to securing the contract, the extension of Paradip Port's south breakwater is anticipated to have a positive impact on maritime operations, trade efficiency, and regional economic development. This initiative aligns with India's broader goals of enhancing port infrastructure to accommodate the growing demands of global trade and strengthen the maritime sector's contribution to the economy.

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